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Part of my stand-up set is explaining to the English speaking expat community of Vienna that, regardless of how we might sound on stage, opera singers spend a lot of time learning how to speak (or at least properly pronounce) other languages. When I say “a lot of time” I mean, of course, the better half of a decade. We take diction classes in undergrad, we have language requirements in grad school, we spend months abroad. How many of us ogled the Middelbury program during undergrad? How many of us have been in half-comical, half-dead-serious pronunciation “clarification” discussions during a choral rehearsal? We care. A lot.

No matter how much we try, sometimes it feels like this skill is vastly underappreciated. Now is the time to flip that narrative and make a buck. Here are some translation services that are hiring. Note: many of these jobs require a degree in a language. Those of us with the forethought to major in German or Italian… good job. If a job asks for years of experience translating, depending on your experience gigging abroad or singing in your language of choice, you can probably phrase your experience so that it fits this requirement.

Translation Services USA

Language Line Solutions

This is a NY-based job.

World Services USA

FBI Linguists

How cool would it be to say, yeah, I’m an opera singer… and I also work for the FBI??

ATA Certification

This is the Big Kid Test. If you’re a master at your second language, native-level, this certification will bring you the big bucks. It costs upwards of $500. But it will put you in a whole new field of translation opportunities and pay.

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