In the face of grave professional uncertainty, classical singers need now, more than ever, to seek mutual support, to lift one another up, and to lean into our shared community. We aren't cogs in the machine. We aren't expendable. This is a place to honor the time and investments we make to grow our craft and our community, by sharing and honoring our unique passions and stories.

This website and the accompanying Instagram and Facebook accounts are maintained by the Founder, who shelled out to register the web address and host the site, but was too cheap to buy a dedicated email. All posts and submissions are voluntary. Wanna help? Let me know.




Yo! I'm an opera singer, teacher and stand up comedian. I'm too old for Hollywood and too young for Wagner. I was living in Vienna working for Fulbright Austria and dreaming of a Festvertrag when the US State Department sent me home in mid-March. I had 36 hours to pack up my Landstraße apartment and relocate to my parent's home in Denver. In between mourning the loss of my summer show (postponed till 2021 #pandemiclife) and kicking my previously half-assed career as a educational copywriter into high gear, I decided to create this site. After seeking counsel from a few opera and ensemble colleagues, I decided to create Fermata Time as "a space for everything else" in our lives. Open, real, low-stress, slightly irreverent and ego-free. Suggestions welcome. Contributions encouraged.

This is a photo of me from that bygone time of live performance, sharing the stage with my goddaughter Lucy. Her mom's a nurse at the main pandemic response hospital in Chicago. #perspective


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